Thursday, June 29, 2006

Memorial Hill Dedication

On June 17, there was a dedication ceremony for Memorial Hill. The Legion had just recently completed building stairs, putting up signs and a railing complete with benches going up to the Memorial Cross overlooking Memorial Lake.

The ceremony was complete with the Legion members dressed in their uniforms, 2 people playing bagpipes, the town mayor, the government area rep, and other promininent people involved in the dedication. It was a very nice dedication in spite of the rain shower that came down on us during the speeches. But we made it through and had a wonderful finish. The 4 wreathes were placed by the cross in memory of the 4 men that didn't make it back from the war. That is why the Memorial was established in the first place so many years ago. After the war, 4 of the 9 men hadn't made it back and so stones were collected from their land and this memorial was put in place.
If you're in the area, be sure to check it out and read up on history written on the plaque at the top of the hill near the cross.

Thank you God for those that fought for our freedom. Help us to never forget what was done for us during the war. But most of all, help us to daily live in peace with those around us and not to be at war within ourselves and with each other. Thank you for your daily provisions, your love, your forgiveness and your grace. Thank you for sending your Only Son Jesus to save us and that the cross is empty. He's alive and He's making an eternal home for those that choose to follow Him. Thank you Lord for this. Amen.
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