Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer's Here!

Summer's here and we've been enjoying the outdoors so far. There've been interesting quadding adventures around the lake - nice rides, sunset rides and swampy rides. eeeeuuuuwww! :-) But, this wonderful man rescued his woman!! I didn't have to get wet.

Then, there are the wonderful times on the beach building sand castles and taking in the sun. We love it out there!

Oh the lovely challenging game of golf. Sometimes it goes the way you want and other times it doesn't. But, you gotta take it the way it comes and just enjoy being out there in God's creation. :-) Right Roger?? hee-hee

And there's the times you gotta work a little too so that's why we made a garden. When you're up at the lake so much, you can't play all the time. :-) Eating the fresh vegetables is good.

Thank you God for this beautiful place in SK that we can enjoy together as a family and with friends, building wonderful memories to cherish always.
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