Monday, April 27, 2009

CEF - Child Evangelism of Saskatchewan

Here's a little video of what Child Evangelism does - teaching clubs throughout Saskatchewan all summer long. A couple of these pics I took my place when we hosted the club in our yard....and in our home at the lake when it was raining outside.

If you want more information about Child Evangelism and the work they do, or the clubs that they teach throughout the summer, go to their website or check out some of my other entries here on my blog labeled under Child Evangelism.

They also have a great blog where the workers throughout summer have written entries throughout their travels through the summer teaching about Jesus to over 4,400 kids all over Saskatchewan.

I just came from a conference in Moose Jaw this past weekend where I met up with many great CEF co-ordinators all over Saskatchewan. Some good memories came back to me from when I was a child.....................

I grew up attending 5 Day Clubs during the summer months. I also was very faithful in doing the Mailbox Club lessons as well - I just loved them. We didn't have TV growing up, so doing these lessons and reading the books and lessons were a great passtime for me. My mom also reminded me of the two winters that we had a after school club in our home every Friday (this must have been what is now called Club DJ) and our living room was filled with 24/25 kids each week. There was a young girl that mom referred to as the "little Adrian girl" who came every single Friday, never missed a week. She loved coming to this club and one afternoon she received Jesus as her Savior. That was so exciting!! I was about 13 or 14 and I was a little old for this club so I was the special helper each week - it was a definite highlight of my past and a great times it seems I have more bad memories than good memories but I sure love it when God brings back these good memories and the bad memories become less and less.

Anyway, today, I thought that I'd really like to see if I can find a connection to this "little Adrian girl". So, I phoned an old neighbor and got a phone number - totally unexpected. I spoke to the father of this girl for about 40 minutes on the phone. We had a wonderful conversation! Then, he gave me his daughter Angela's number - who was this "little Adrian girl" and I gave her a call. Well, we talked for another 40 minutes. She's 7 years younger than I am and had a period of rebellion in her life as well. Here it ended up that she also knew me from a wedding that I was the photographer at a couple summers ago....we sat at the same table and her husband runs a Christian radio station in one of the SK communities - I had even given them one of my flyers for the calendars that I make and sell. What an incredibly small world!! God is so interesting and it is so wonderful how He continually entertwines the lives of those around us. It's always so amazing to me how He works!! but I shouldn't be amazed!

CEF is a great place for young adults to share their hearts with children and teach them about Jesus. I organize the 5 Day Clubs in the Shell Lake area and on the reserves around the area up there. It has been such a blessing to have the workers stay at our home there sometimes and to also go with them and see firsthand the impact theses stories have on the kids that come to these clubs each summer. God is doing a mighty work!! Praise the Lord for these organizations and for the many faithful workers that commit themselves each summer to teaching these young kids about Jesus. God bless them greatly!!

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