Tuesday, April 21, 2009

On the Inside, we're all the same

I love babies! They all have such unique and beautiful qualities...different cries, different looks, different hair, different eyes, different noses, different facial features.....we're all so different. God did such a wonderful job creating all the different races and types of people - wow, what creativity, uniqueness, and wonder.

I was out for a walk this morning with a friend and my dogs. I was telling her about this beautiful baby next door, how gorgeous she was, and so precious!! I love the eyes! Such big dark eyes! Mmmmmm, hmmmm. God created such beauty!

I can't get over the hair!! I was commenting to my friend how some of the babies that had been born into my family didn't even have any hair when they were born. Then there's this widdo baby next door with incredible dark hair in tight tight curls - and a head full of it! I was so enthralled by it! My friend adopted a Spanish boy a few years ago and his hair is black and poker straight and sticks straight out sideways. A friend of mine who's Chinese has thin black hair that molds down over her head - beautiful hair!

It's so amazing how each of us, each beautiful race that God created, how different we are in our facial features, our skin tones and our hair. The hair!! Each hair on a person's head is so different and unique. What's so amazing about that, is that our Great God knows the number of hairs on each of our individual hairs! Don't you find that fascinating?? Even though the hairs on my head are getting less and less every day, it seems, God knows how many hairs I have! He loves me so much!

Even our skin tones and types....it's fascinating to see all the different types of skin tones. And to think that God created it all....each different one! We didn't come from a rock people!!! God created us, each one so individually and extremely special in his own eyes. God hand made and hand picked each and every one of us. He chose which family we'd be in, which race we'd be born into, which part of the country we'd be born into.....He chose each and every one of us!

But you know what? My friend that I was walking with this morning, stopped me in my tracks and said something so profound! I've known it all along but just the way she said it this morning, just really hit me. She works in the hospital and she said "But when we open you up, you're all the same!" WOW! No matter how different we look on the outside with all our different tones, hues, features and characteristics, we're all made the same on the inside. My heart just pounded! We all got the blood, the veins, the arteries, the organs, the bones.....it's all pink hues on the inside. We're all so different yet so the same. Why?? Because we have a marvelous Creator who created each one of us in His Own Image! That moves me to tears my friends, it moves me to tears. God put His own stamp of approval in each one of us. To prove it, I'll talk about Laminin in the next entry. Check it out! Laminin - that's what holds us all together!!

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