Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What Do I Value?

This morning, a friend sent me an email showing me this photo of a sunset at the North Pole with the moon at it's closest point. WOW! What an incredible photo! How incredible the handiwork of God in the skies - I just love it when He paints me such wonderful pictures! How I would love to capture a moment like that. But, it's most likely something that I'll never get to see in person...I'll only be able to enjoy it through a photo or story captured by someone else. I wasn't there when the photo was taken but I can choose to believe that it's real, and that the person who took this picture really witnessed this event. It's an amazing photo and not one that could be duplicated. At the end of the email, was a Chinese proverb:

"When someones shares with you something of value, you have an obligation to share it with others."

That statement made me think of something else that I value. I highly value the work that Jesus performed on the Cross on Calvary so many years ago just outside of Jerusalem, on the hill of the skull. I was not there so many years ago to capture the moment, but I believe with all my heart that it happened as the Bible records it did. I believe it, and I value it, and thus I am obligated to share it with others. As we're approaching Easter, and as the precious precious time that I spent in Israel is still so dear to my heart, this email made me think of that which I value and is what I value so precious to me that I am obligated to share it with someone else. Hmmmm. Yes, it most definitely is. Jesus died on that cross so many years ago. Why? To save me from my sins, to save me from eternal hell, to give me the gift of eternal life....if only I am to receive it. This is what I value! I was there, just a few short months ago, seeing the place firsthand of where it all happened, where that event took place. I believe! Feeling the presence of God so strongly as I stood there looking up at that hill where He was crucified, as many people stood around and mocked Him while his own mother wept silently for her Son. How could a mother go through what Mary went through on that dark day long ago? But was it a dark day?? Yes, God turned His back and allowed His Son to die....BUT what a divine purpose He had in defeat evil and death! Do give us the gift of Eternal Life!! Amazing! What a magnificent eternal plan!

The time in Israel was life changing. As I stood there with my own son, Brandon, I was overcome with emotion. What an incredible experience we shared together. I walked in the Garden, gazing upon a tomb that very well could have been the same tomb that my Savior was buried in, I was so struck by the fact that it is empty...EMPTY. Many years ago, the stone had been rolled away and an angel had sat on it

"He is not here, He is risen, just as He said He would"

I silently wept. My Lord, My God, who loves me so much, sent His Son, His One and only Son, to die a brutal death on a cross, and rose again and now lives in Heaven preparing a home for me - He did this for me, so that I could be saved and given the gift of eternal spend eternity in Heaven with My Savior.

I walked through the Garden, in this quiet, serene place, listening to the many people who were praying and singing - in different languages, in tongues unknown to me - how beautiful! How incredibly beautiful the praises, songs and prayers that Our God hears from Heaven, that are offered up to Him. What a beautiful glimpse He gave me there in that Garden to hear the beauty of the tongues that lift praises to Him.

"How beautiful, how beautiful, what thou hast done for me Lord. My heart sings with thanksgiving and praise to You, My God, My Savior. How beautiful are the hands that were nailed to that cross, and the side that was pierced by my wounds. How wonderful You are My Lord and King, to have done such a deed for me. How incredible the amazing moment You defeated death and came out of that grave! "He is not here, He is risen!" YES LORD, You are risen indeed!! Amazing Love, how can it be, that thou My God shouldst die for me! Thank You Jesus!"

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