Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A while back at our Ladies Retreat, I mentioned a video we had watched of Louie Giglio - the video called "How Great is Our God" It was an incredible video! In it he spoke about the universe, how all the planets are so HUGE and earth is so small compared to some of them. He showed us photographs of the planets and stars.....amazing how complex and HUGE our galaxy is. We are all such a tiny speck in the largeness of the universe - it's amazing how important we as humans are to God....He made the amazing universe but He created US in HIS image and in HIS likeness! And He put US up above the importance spectrum waaaaaaay above the spectacular universe that He created! We are His chosen people - He created us with so much love and importance! I'm just so amazed!

So, below is a photograph taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. It is at the center of a black hole in a galaxy millions of light years from Earth. All Christians believe that God created the universe and everything in it. The image that is located in the center of that black hole millions of light years away is amazing! Is that not incredible or what? What does it look like to you? I know what it looks like to me...what does it look like to you?

Louie had talked about the greatness of God in His creation–stars, earth, universe, human body…but the thing that really blew me off was LAMININ. How he loved laminin. Our body is so incredibly and uniquely designed - the human eye, the blood cells, the blood clotting, the healing of the skin, the growth of the baby in the womb - WOW! it is such a complex design created by HIM, by GOD - how could our human bodies ever just evolve from a rock over billions and billions of years - impossible!! But when Louie talked about Laminin...wow, it just totally amazed me! Read on and I'm sure you'll be amazed too!

Our human bodies are all made of Trillions and Trillions of cells that make up our body and all of it's delicate intricate parts. What holds this amazing body of ours together? Laminin. It is some kind of protein that acts as the glue that holds all of our trillions of cells together. There's not just one of these in our bodies - if our bodies have trillions of cells, you can imagine how much laminin there is in this amazing body of ours. Here is a scientific diagram of what laminin looks like...

Colossians 1:17 says: He (Christ) is before all things and IN HIM ALL THINGS HOLD TOGETHER.” Now, that’s a really powerful passage if you ask me. Cause what's holding me together?? The cross of Christ! - and millions of crosses!

During his talk, Louie Giglio displayed an actual microscopic photo of a single Laminin cell and it looked exactly like the photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope of the black hole light years from Earth. A molecular biologist that he talked about on this video sent him this image that was taken from a microscope. Do you see it?? My God connects Christ with everything in our lives.

Isn’t that amazing?? The thing that HOLDS our body together is the very symbol of the Savior who delivered us from all our sins, pains and doubts?? It was so phenominal!! Totally Incredible! I just sat their with the Glory of God wrapped all around me - with goosebumps on my arms and chills running up and down my spine. I was moved with such a special love like no other.

God is everywhere - in the far reaches of this incredibly vast universe that we live in, down to every cell of our intricately designed bodies. There is so much proof of that everywhere we look! How Great is our God!?!?!?! We cannot even begin to imagine how incredibly great and huge He is!

What are the chances that out of the million replicas and symbols in the world, God chose the symbol of the CROSS to HOLD our body together. Colossians 1:17 is not a figure-of-speech Bible passage for me. Literally, Jesus, my Jesus..HOLDS me TOGETHER..literally holds me together!! What more could I ever, ever, ever need? And you know, Christ is no longer on that cross or in that grave - He never stayed there! He rose again and is now in heaven making an eternal home for me there, waiting for me to come home with Him. I can't wait to meet Him personally, face to face, the ONE who holds me together now in this life I am living here on earth. Amen??

How Great is Our God....sing with me.....How Great is Our God! Let all the earth rejoice, let all the earth rejoice!!

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