Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Does the Word "REDEEMER" Mean to You?

I had posted a bit of a survey on Facebook asking my friends what the word "REDEEMER" meant to them and here are some of their responses. Each of them makes you think and thank God for who He is and for what He has done.

"To me it means He - Jesus- took away my past- all the sins past present and future are taken care of. A very small catch - I have to believe in Jesus Christ my Lord and ask His forgiveness to be redeemed from my life of sin." - MaryAnn

"to me Redeemer is another word for LOVE. The name of Someone being tortured and put to death in my place so that I might be free. Redeemer=Jesus=Amazing Love=Freedom" - Bonnie

"Christ was the true redeemer. he was the only begotten of the father. The true and living spirit of God. Made...the life ...manifest. He is our salvation and our redeemer. Are we then redeemed by him? By his blood? Here's a question.... in the old covenant as the people gave their sacrifices ( a goat ..a bull...dove etc.) were the people " redeemed ' by the giving of their sacrifices? Was the sacrifice their redeemer from their sin ? Or redemption for sin?
Until we truly live that co-death with Christ only then will we experience redemption from the redeemer.
Many still look at Christ as a icon or a figure of God.Even the event of the cross. This can come from various sources in ones life. I dare say that it comes from religion and wrong doctrine. For one to experience the true redemption that is offered.. the believer must have his spirit quickened by the holy spirit ...the spirit of truth. How will one know otherwise what he / she needs redemption from? Doesn't everyone think that he/ she is right in life? Only the spirit of truth can redeem us from self. redeemer = Christ....redemption = co-death with Christ." Take up your cross and follow me." - Tom

"When I think about being redeemed, I think of myself as a slave to the things of this world. By dying on the Christ, Jesus, my Redeemer, set me free from those things, allowing me to live a life of love instead of anger, resentment and self-righteousness. I am righteous in Him and I don't need to prove it, I just need to love Him and love those He loves. I am Redeemed!" - Lisa

"If you want to open a can of worms with people ask them who created the world. ( not the earth ..the world ) And what the word " world " means. it has many references. John wrote that God created the worlds ( Plural ) and the worlds were framed by him. James later writes that all the world is evil containing the pride of life and the lust of the eyes. These verses seem contradictory. Unless we do not understand the meaning of the word world.
With you question of the word redeemer Christ came not to condemn the world but to save us ...not to save it but us. He also prayed the Father to keep us in this world but not of it ... in the garden he prayed this just before they took him. Will the world always be? The first world was destroyed. Now we have a redeemer to keep us from this second world.
Many believe that God created the world and all it's inventions to keep us... this is true to most. But is it the truth? Many preach this. The scriptures say that if one is not of Christ he is a child of disobedience and of the world...not of us or from us . So what is the world that the Father would have to send a redeemer for? What does that word " world " mean?" - Tom

"When I think of the word Redeemer, I think of someone who has freed me from paying the price that I COULD have paid.
This has happened to me: I begin with a pure heart and motives, but as circumstances arise and people begin to influence or add their comments, my "straight" path gets a slight curve in it and next thing I kinow I've adjusted my course in an effort to please and give the appearance of pure motives. When I get before God and ask for His strength, He erases the curves in the road and gets me back on track.
A Redeemer makes my "intentions" right, even though I may have been misunderstood.
I just looked up the word - and it means, to "buy back" - and that is what I'm summing up..........He buys back my hearts' original intention and puts His stamp of approval on my original plan/ desire." - Carollyn

What are your thoughts on "Redeemer"? Feel free to write in your thoughts on the comment link below.

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