Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother/Daughter Retreat at Christopher Lake

This was such a special time away with my girls, the beautiful gifts that God gave me to raise to love Him, serve Him and give back to Him and trust that He will bring them through life okay. It's harder and harder to let go farther and farther as they get older. What better choice do I have than to entrust them to my heavenly Father? hmmmmm...seems that's the best place to put them, into His hands.

Playing games in the basement of the lodge was fun - Cara and I got a friendly competitive game of ping pong going throughout the weekend. :-) If was fun! Then there was the hot tub outside, which was heated with wood. It smelled good and was so warm under the dark sky. Such a quiet setting with no sounds except the sound of natural sounds of God's creation...birds, the water coming onto shore, the wind through the was all so heavenly.

Going on long walks through the forest was always something I enjoyed doing at Camp Kadesh and the cooler weather wasn't going to stop me from going this time. A group of us walked all the way to another private lake that you could only get into by walking. Can't remember the name of it though. Sitting by the water's edge watching the sun come up behind our cabin was wonderful! I've always loved the sunrises and sunsets at Christopher Lake.

We did lots of crafts and games, drank hot chocolate and had snacks. It was a cooler weekend but it was still good. We had some sunny times too, but it was definitely a good weekend to stay indoors and drink warm stuff.

The girls had to swing that crazy, huge jungle swing too....and of course their mamma had to go out and take photos of them doin that crazy thing. :-)

On Saturday night we had a great dessert buffet put out before us. It was so yummy! Good thing we did some races and exercising earlier. Alysha & Cara were on the same team for the amazing race and each won a gift certificate for Camp Kadesh - Alysha knows how she's gonna use hers - to come to camp in the summer, what else? :-) She was quite happy about that.

We spent a wonderful evening doing our nails, scrubbing our feet, laughing and talking and goofin off, not to mention the ping pong table playoffs and the funny skits. It was a great weekend with just the girls!

Years ago, in the summers of '85 and '86, I stayed at The Swamp - that was the place to be. It was a summer I'll never forget - a place where I ground my roots spiritually. So, I had to get a picture of me with the Swamp sign ya know. We had great cabin mates for the weekend, Cara and Braelyn, we all bonded very quickly. It was wonderful to get to know them. The girls hit it off right away and so did Cara & I. Have good roomies is always a way to start things off right.

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Nancy said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. And what a beautiful place. Thanks for posting.