Tuesday, May 09, 2006


The land looked a little different here than it did near San Jose - the soil wasn't quite as red in this colony. It was still quite beautiful though. It reminded me of driving down the street of a small hamlet or village in SK other than the horse and buggies. The dress on this colony was different but similar to the other colony. On this colony, the men wore dark pants with suspenders while on the other colony they wore overalls with solid colored shirts. The women's dress style was similar but different prints and colors and their head coverings were different as well.
This was the home where my aunt lived, my dad's sister. Clouds were rolling in so we knew it would rain while we were there.
The tractors were still quite old but they did have rubber on their tires at this colony. It was quite common to drive them with these trailers being pulled behind them hauling goods around.
This little guy was the cutest. He followed me around on the yard as I took pictures. :-) He enjoyed having his picture taken. Who knows, he may run this farm some day when he's older and has a family of his own. :-) Posted by Picasa

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