Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Yes, I'm back from the colony and some very kind young gentlemen left these little fellars as a gift for me. They were dead and stuck to the wall beside my home. How thoughtful they were!
I nearly stepped on this one. YUCK! They look so grosz! I am so glad that we don't have such huge ones here in SK. I'll stick with our bugs, thank you very much. :-)
I caught Dave & Lisa's pet monkey 'horsin' (ha-ha) around. :-) He was much cuter than the bugs I encountered. He was a playful thing and always up to something. I could've handled taking him home. :-)
The sunset this evening was a perfect way to end the day. It was my last night here and the sunset was absolutely beautiful. I love how God paints in the skies in the mornings and the evenings. He the best painter I know!

This evening, Lisa had a bridal shower for a young lady from their church who was getting married. So, I got to take part in another party before I left. It was wonderful to get together with a group of ladies, have fellowship and laugh together. A good way to end the day. :-)
It had been such a great day! I totally enjoyed the visits and journeys to the colonies even though they were out of my control and things seemed uncertain at times. But I knew God was taking very good care of me and allowing me to experience an adventure of a lifetime. Each of the colonies was unique and beautiful. I sooooo enjoyed visiting with my aunt and my uncle and their families - dear people whom God loves so much. He loves us all and He made us all and as I read yesterday in my devotions He is "not willing that any should perish," and He is patiently waiting so that more people will find true safety in His Son Jesus. (2 Peter 3:9) They need only to accept the gift of salvation that He offers. Someday, this world as we know it will be destroyed and Jesus will return to take His children to live with Him forever - to have life eternal. God gives everyone on this earth an opportunity to hear the truth and a chance to accept Him. It's our choice whether we choose Him or not and the alternative is no good. He's patiently waiting us all of us to choose Him.
Thank you God so much for this chance that I had to come to this part of your beautiful world that you created. Be with all these people and bless them. Bless those who diligently serve you here as missionaries trying to reach all the people here, German, English and Spanish people, with the Gospel telling them of your great love for them. Thank you that I got to be a part of that. Bless them all Lord, and guide them. Amen
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