Monday, May 08, 2006

God's Workman

A while back, I had done up a photo for a Pastor who was retiring from our church. This was his favorite verse and so I put it onto a picture for him and framed it. I love doing stuff like that. I love putting God's Word on photos. These were a few samples that I had done up and then one was chosen from them. This Bible verse on these photos is written in the King James Version. I love how it says it in the New Living Translation:

"Work hard so God can approve you. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth." 1 Timothy 2:15

This verse speaks volumns to me. Someday God will examine all of us, on Judgement Day. He'll examine what kind of workers we've all been for Him while we've been living down here on this earth. Because of this, our lives should be built on His Word, the Bible, and we should be building His Word into our lives. God's Word alone tells us how we are to live for Him and how we are to serve Him. If we ignore the Bible, we'll be ashamed at judgement. We should be consistently and diligently studying God's Word - it's vital. If we don't read His Word, we'll be so easily fooled by other false teachings out there in the world and we'll neglect God and we'll miss finding our true purpose here on earth - our true purpose for living.

There's so much to learn - I have so much to learn and the more I read the Bible, the more thirsty I get for learning more and more. At times, it seems like I just can't get enough. It brings me so much joy and contentment. I find when I don't have that time in the Word each day, something is missing - I'm not complete that day. God's Word is full of TRUTH - the real truth! And to understand the truth, we need to study the truth. Understanding God, our lives and the truth all go along with studying the Bible.

I fail each day. I'm not a perfect person and I never will be until I reach Heaven and am given a new perfect body. I have so much to learn still and I will never know it all. I love to study and find new treasures each day. But the only place for me to do that is in His Word. My utmost desire is to one day stand before Jesus and have Him say to me, "Well done, thy good and faithful servant." WOW! So, Lord, in order for me to hear that, I need to be a good worker, I need to work hard at what you want me to do, and I need to correctly explain the truth to those around me. If I do these things, I won't need to be ashamed. But I have failed at times, and have stuck my foot in my mouth saying things I shouldn't be saying and doing things I shouldn't be doing and thinking things I shouldn't be thinking. I am human. But, my goal is to strive to become more and more like Jesus each and every day. I cannot do that on my own - I need God's strength, wisdom, discernment, love, mercy, guidance, knowledge and forgiveness to do that. That is why I need to continue reading God's Word, praying and staying in close fellowship with Him. That is the only way I will get anywhere on this earth.

Lord, help me to be the person you've made me to be. Help me to do the things you want me to do, say the things you want me to say. Show me, guide me and walk along with me. I love you, my desire is to live for you. Help me to discern each day the good you want me to do and not to beat myself up about my failures and shortcomings. Mold me to be more like you. Amen.
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