Tuesday, May 09, 2006


These things were huge!! and ugly! When they flew, it was like a bird was flying by you. They had little crab like claws on the end of their long arms and the shell was very hard. No, I never touched it! A young boy was having a lot of fun bugging them and the frogs. :-) It reminded me of my son.

This guy's all buggy-eyed! It was hilarious! But these frogs sure were grosz too. As the sun was setting, you could just hear all the frogs coming in from the swamps. They would be right by the houses and doors. One night, a frog was right in front of my door - I did not go in! They gave me the creeps. :-)

These little fellers were often inside the house on the walls or doors. They were harmless and liked to eat mosquitos. Dorothy called them her little erasers. I did not like them much and of course it creeped me out seeing them on the wall. Thank goodness they never came in my bed! I had to take a picture of it though.

That was extent of my seeing wild animals. Nope - no wild bulls or pigs or lions.......just these and cows and more cows, and yes of course, horses and donkeys. No wild ones though. Oh, once when we were in the taxi on the way back to San Jose, we saw a large lizard running across the road in front of us but I didn't get a picture of it. So, that was it - that's all I saw for wild, ferocious animals. :-) Posted by Picasa

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