Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As I was flying from Tarija to Santa Cruz, God gave me such a beautiful sunset. I was travelling to the 2nd part of my adventure in Bolivia and I had no idea what was in store for me there. I knew it would be unlike anything I've ever seen before. I was nervous but as I watched the gorgeous sunset, I knew that I could do whatever came my way because God was with me and I had strength from Him to accomplish anything for Him. He had brought me this far, I knew He wouldn't let me down now.

As the sun went farther down, the sky got more and more beautiful. I felt so close to God up there in the heavens. My desire was to please Him. I had a dream to meet my dad's sister and brother and I knew that God was fulfilling this desire that He had placed in my heart. He was protecting me and He heard me whenever I prayed to Him. What a wonderful feeling of being looked after and being looked over. God is so good! I love Him so much!

I just couldn't get enough of the clouds up there. Everytime I blinked, the clouds looked different. It was a whole different city up there. I often wondered if the angels slept here when they needed rest...if they need rest. I couldn't help but think about the day that Christ will return but also of the day that He ascended up into Heaven after He had died on the cross and rose from the grave. With the disciples standing there watching Him, He was lifted up into the heavens. In Revelation it talks about Jesus descending down from the heavens and then in chapter 11 verse 12 it talks about the believers ascending up into Heaven. Wow!
One night some time ago I had a dream that I was driving on the highway and I saw a small light high up in the sky. I stopped the car and got out as the light got bigger and bigger. I remember in my dream wondering if this was Christ returning to gather His believers. Then I felt my body with my arms extended rising up towards the light through the clouds. WOW! What a feeling that was in my dream - I didn't want that dream to end - I just wanted to keep going so that I could get a glimpse of heaven. But the dream ended. But these clouds in the sky gave me a small glimpse of that dream as the plane rose through the clouds. That's why I chose this verse in Revelation to put on this picture.

When I was hiking in the mountains near Tarija going up to the falls, I looked up and saw these white streaks in the sky. It was beautiful! Every time I looked into the sky, it looked different. It made me feel like walking straight up this mountainside to talk to God. But then I was high enough that I felt pretty close to Him already. At the same time, I knew that I didn't have to be on a mountain to be close to God. I know that I can go right to my Bible and read it's truths and pray. Through that God will teach me His ways so that I can learn to walk in His paths everyday of my life. Posted by Picasa

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