Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Here we are on the peak with my cousins from the 1st colony that I had visited. It was so amazing from up here - I really enjoyed it. It was so good to be with these people and to meet them.
I loved being with my uncle. He couldn't accompany us here which was too bad cause I'm sure he would've loved it.

Each colony had their own distinctive dress code. Then when you were in town, you knew exactly which colony they came from. Very unique. There's a street in Santa Cruz, Bolivia called Mennonite Street and there you would see many different types of dress. Here is San Jose there was only this one colony so you didn't get too confused to which colony people were from unless there were visitors from elsewhere. My cousin on the left was the one that came with me on the train to visit here. This was her sister's family that we stayed with and her dad was my uncle. She's dressed quite differently than the others. Their little boy was soooo cute. :-)

This was in San Jose. Each city or town had a church in it - usually Roman Catholic. Bolivia is very strong in Catholicism. The churches were beautiful and usually marked the centre of town.

These 2 young girls let me take their picture. They were walking home from school and I stopped them and asked, "Foto?" The giggled and posed for me. They were beautiful and loved to see the picture on the camera. All the young people attending school in Bolivia wore uniforms with dark pants/skirts and white shirts. It looked very good. Posted by Picasa

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