Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Well, it had rained while we were out visiting on the veranda. The road was beginning to get quite wet at this point. This truck had stopped, I guess it wasn't going to go any farther but the taxi just kept on going. We were in for a ride. :-)
Okay, now we were slipping and sliding all over the road not far from where the truck had stopped. My cousin's husband was laughing at me as I stuck my head out the window trying to get a picture of this while the taxi driver's hands were scrambling all over the steering wheel trying to keep the little car on the road. What a ride!
After we were through most of the slime, this truck passed us with a bus passing him at the same time and here we were in this little car with these 2 vehicles speeding by us. It made me quite nervous because the road was still slimy and I thought that would cause the drivers to slow down a little. They didn't! :-)
Here we were on the worst part of the road. I really wanted to be home by this point. This was making me too nervous! :-) After this ride, it was so good to be out of the car and walking on the ground even if it was wet and there were frogs all over the place. :-) Or big black bugs by my door. Posted by Picasa

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