Tuesday, May 09, 2006


This was definitely another very interesting trip. We took a taxi this time and my cousin's husband came along with us as well. It was a 2 hour taxi ride to get there - we stayed for 3 hours and then another 2 hours back. It was hot in the car and dusty but neat scenery though. This was an international highway we drove on but it was full of holes and rutts so we would drive on whichever side that was the least bumpiest. We often passed semi trucks travelling on the wrong side or going from side to side. I felt very little in this taxi but then the odd time we'd pass a motorcycle or a horse and buggy as well. There was all forms of transportation.
We passed through a small town to get to the colony. This was a restaurant. I wonder if they called it "Wendy's"? :-) There were buggies parked around here often. I don't think I'd feel comfortable eating here. :-)
This was a common sight here. No vehicles but buggies pulled by horses. Often the homes were small and not fancy at all. We'd pass the odd larger one but you could not see them well from the road.

I love this photo. Here you got an example of all forms of transportation. We're in the taxi passing a motorcycle and in the distance you see a horse and buggy comin down the road. Very unique! I really enjoyed this ride although I had no idea what was in store for me on our trip back from this visit. You'll hear about it later.
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