Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I met a wonderful missionary lady who had me over to her home. It was beautiful and as I was taking a couple of pictures in the back yard, I heard this rustling. I looked down and here was her pet turtle making his way through the brush. He was cute too! People had all sorts of pets here - from parrots, to monkeys, to turtles. :-)
Her son collected keys and I took a picture of them to show my son. She picked up the large one and said, "You bring that home to your son." I couldn't believe it! He was absolutely thrilled! She didn't even know me or my son and giving this gift was incredible. Later she emailed me telling me to tell my son that "Keys are given to those who are trustworthy. God is shaping him into a young godly man and to be willing to serve Him." That meant so much to us! What an incredible blessing given to my son from one who serves God across the world. That is the greatness of belonging to God's family - we are all brothers and sisters in Christ - praying for one another and blessing one another. I thank God for this godly woman who blessed us greatly. :-)
The children here were so sweet. They hugged me and loved having me taking their picture. The little guy playing with the tap was the sweetest little thing. :-) What smiles these children had in spite of how they were abandoned and they had no parents. This was their home and they had each other. It brought tears to my eyes to see how happy they were in spite of their circumstances. Thank you God for them and for this home they had together. Bless them Lord.
These children painted these wraps and then they were sold in the marketplace as an income for the orphanage. Aren't they beautiful? Absolutely gorgeous! Each one was different and unique. Posted by Picasa

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